When doing a 1031 exchange, it’s crucial to have a 1031 exchange property list. Why? Well, it’s obvious. A 1031 exchange property list helps an investor identify and choose replacement properties without wandering around. Isn’t it a big help when considering a 1031 exchange? After all, most of the unsuccessful 1031 exchanges are a result of investors’ inability to identify potential replacement properties within the identification period.

What challenges do investors face while identifying replacement properties?

Not one, but there are many issues that 1031 exchange investors encounter while identifying potential replacement properties. What if the property you choose is not available? Or the value of the identified property turns out to be a hefty amount? What will you do then? Undoubtedly, your 1031 exchange will no longer be valid if you fail to identify one or more replacement properties within the first 45 days. However, an exclusive 1031 exchange property list can help you.

Why you need a customized 1031 Exchange property list?

  • Access to exclusive investment-grade properties.
  • Know the best properties in a locality.
  • Get details like property type, price, availability, etc.
  • Choose from hundreds and thousands of properties available all across the states.
  • Close your identification without waiting for 45 days.

Say “No” to property management. Invest in NNN 1031 exchange properties.

Nobody, literally nobody wants to waste time in property management or keep an eye on property bills unless that’s the only thing you have got. Though real estate investment brings unfathomable opportunities, it also accompanies some drawbacks. Several investors often complain about the amount of time and effort they need to put in to manage their investment properties. If you also feel the same, do a 1031 exchange on your investment property right away and invest the proceeds into a NNN property. A NNN or Triple Net Lease is a property agreement that asks the tenant to cover all major operating expenses. In other words, you won’t need to pay the hefty property bills from your income. Instead, your tenant will look after it.

A TIC also a management-free investment. In a TIC investment, you co-own a property along with other investors. TIC properties are managed by professional asset managers, and you enjoy a regular flow of income. A TIC can have as many as 35 investors. But, whatever you choose, you must speak to your advisor or a 1031 exchange expert first. It can help foresee any potential financial threats that may accompany your investment.


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