Do you have a backup plan for your 1031 Exchange?

“Mark wanted to increase his investment potential. He decided to sell his 2-bedroom condo, which he had been renting to tenants and acquire a property with less management hassle using a 1031 exchange. Adhering to 1031 exchange guidelines, he appointed a qualified intermediary (“QI”) to administer the exchange process.”

The condo sold for the expected price, and Mark had 45 days to identify his three desirable replacement properties. He identified two replacement properties, which, in his opinion, would yield better returns. He notified his QI about the properties in the due 45 days identification period, and the process of acquiring the first property began.

Unfortunately, one of the property was claimed by a different party, and the other could not be closed due to unforeseen circumstances. By the time Mark was made aware that neither of the properties closed, there was not enough time left in the 180-day exchange period to acquire another property. Mark ended up canceling his exchange and paid a hefty sum of capital gain taxes. After paying taxes, Mark did not have enough cash left and could not acquire better income-generating property.

1031 property

How could Mark have ensured a successful 1031 exchange?

Delaware Statutory Trusts (“DSTs”) provide 1031 exchange investors a decent backup plan. DSTs guarantee that 100% of exchange funds are invested in a replacement property, and the investors defer capital gains taxes.

Always ensure to identify a property within a DST as your third potential replacement property in the given 45 day identification period. If due to any reason you can’t acquire the first two properties, at least you won’t end up paying taxes. DSTs satisfy 1031 exchange requirements, and you will be able to complete your exchange successfully. Even in the cases of boot, DSTs are a desirable option.

If Mark had identified a property within a DST, he could have completed his 1031 exchange successfully and deferred paying taxes. 

Bottom line

DSTs are prepackaged and readily available. DST offerings can be acquired for as little as $25,000-$100,000. If you have identified a DST as a potential replacement property, you have a backstop to guarantee that your exchange will be completed successfully, and you can acquire investment-grade real estate.

Now you can sell your investment properties that have appreciated and lock in the profits without worrying. Don’t put your 1031 exchange at risk; put a Delaware Statutory Trust backup plan in place.

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