2212 & 2224 East 11th Street Loveland, Colorado 80537


Offering Size $10,000,000

Investors have an opportunity to participate in the offering of the beneficial interests (the “Offering”) of MRSC CO Aspen House DST (the “DST”), which anticipates acquiring a senior living, memory care community known as Aspen House (the “Property”). We believe the value-add component includes the mark-to-market opportunity to adjust current rental rates in an effort to capitalize on the fastest growing senior population


Madison Realty Companies is a full service real estate investment management company. Collectively, its management team has over 150 years of real estate experience


  • Ownership Entity:  MRSC CO Aspen House DST
  • Managing Broker-Dealer: Orchard Securities, LLC
  • Offering Structure: DST (for 1031 exchanges)
  • Offering Size: $10,000,000
  • Minimum 1031 Investment: $100,000
  • Minimum Cash Investment: $50,000
  • Who May Invest: Accredited Investors as set forth in the Memorandum
  • Real Estate Purchase Price: $8,437,500 (Appraised: $8,400,000 as of May 18, 2017)
  • Combined Price Per Licensed Bed: $105,468 (before offering costs and reserves)
  • Loaded Purchase Price (Including $625,625 of Reserves): $10,750,000
  • Nonrecourse Loans: $750,000 (7% I/O)
  • Loans to Loaded Purchase Price[LTV]: 6.98%
  • Target Yield on Master Lease Payments: 6.5% to 6.76% (Increases every two years during the lease term)
  • Expected Distribution Payment Schedule: Monthly
  • Exit Strategy: Sell the Property in 5 years


**Projected Returns Disclosure: The projected returns are based upon the Sponsor’s assumptions and estimates concerning future events and circumstances which may or may not occur. These projections are inherently subject to varying degrees of uncertainty, and achievability depends on the timing and probability of complex series of future events, both internal and external, to the enterprise. Therefore, the actual results achieved during the forecast period will vary from the projections and the variations may be material. No representations or warranties of any kind are made, intended, or should be inferred as to any of the projections herein. Accordingly, the projections may not and should not be relied upon to indicate actual results which may be obtained. Percentages in the chart above are rounded to the nearest 100th of a percent.


2212 & 2224 East 11th Street Loveland, Colorado 80537

  • 2 buildings | 40 units | 80 licensed beds
  • Constructed: 2010 – 2015
  • Location: Fort Collins, CO MSA


Madison Realty Companies is a full service real estate investment management company. Collectively, its management team has over 150 years of real estate experience. For over 25 years, Madison and its affiliates have purchased, managed, and disposed of over $1 billion in commercial real estate including multifamily, industrial, self-storage, assisted living, senior apartments, skilled nursing, and single-family homes. Across all property types, Madison’s primary focus has been on acquiring cash flowing assets with potential value-add upside for its clients. 

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