Fresenius Medical Care: MONMOUTH, IL

Fresenius Medical Care: MONMOUTH, IL

1225 North Main Street Monmouth, IL 61462


BUILDING SIZE 4,960 square feet

Fresenius Medical Care is the world’s largest, integrated provider of products and services for individuals with chronic kidney failure, a condition that affects about 2.1 million individuals worldwide.

1225 North Main Street Monmouth, IL 61462

Through their industry-leading network of more than 2,200 dialysis facilities, outpatient cardiac and vascular labs, and urgent care centers, as well as the country’s largest practice of hospitalist and post-acute providers


Through their industry-leading network of more than 2,200 dialysis facilities, outpatient cardiac and vascular labs, and urgent care centers, as well as the country’s largest practice of hospitalist and post-acute providers, Fresenius Medical Care provides coordinated health care services at pivotal care points for hundreds of thousands of chronically ill customers throughout the continent. As the world’s only vertically integrated renal company, they also offer specialty pharmacy and laboratory services, as well as manufacturing and distributing the most comprehensive line of dialysis equipment, disposable products and renal pharmaceuticals.

Located in the heart of Central Illinois, Monmouth is a charming Midwestern city rich in culture and history. It is part of the Galesburg Metropolitan Statistical Area, which has a population of roughly 75,000 residents. The region is known for its agricultural, academic, industrial, business and cultural influences and serves as the commercial center for the surrounding communities. Two of the primary contributors to the local economy are the beautiful Monmouth College, a private liberal arts institution founded in the 1850’s, and a brand new 250,000 square-foot Cloverleaf cold storage facility which is scheduled to open later this year. Monmouth is also home to OSF Holy Family Medical Center; a state-of-the art 23-bed acute/intermediate care, critical access hospital. In addition to the hospital, the medical campus boasts a newly remodeled family health clinic and a family specialty clinic, which provide a host of healthcare services including podiatry, rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, sleep lab, general surgery and diabetes center.


Tenants-in-Common or TIC ownership allows multiple buyers to purchase an undivided percentage of a single piece of property. Each buyer receives his own deed to the property and benefits from all of the income, tax shelters and appreciation it provides. This Rockwell property has the following characteristics:

  • $150,000 minimum investment amount
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  • Long-term, corporate-guaranteed lease
  • No closing costs
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