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DST Properties – A Hassle Free Investment

DST Properties – A Hassle Free Investment A good investment not only fetches a limited share of profit, but it also offers stability. An aware investor should keep exploring different methods of investment and must possess the ability to sustain in … Read More

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Locate NNN 1031 Exchange Properties In No Time

Locate NNN 1031 Exchange Properties In No Time Why 1031 investors prefer NNN properties over any other asset? 1031 Exchange is a tax-deferred exchange of properties under which an investor is allowed to defer capital gains tax on exchanging an … Read More


1031 Exchange:HOW DO I BREAK EVEN? Our investors trust us with their challenging issues and our experts make sure to add value by providing an apt solution. Whether you are planning to invest in real estate or you are a … Read More

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Understanding the Key Differences Between a 1033 Exchange and 1031 Exchange

Understanding The Key Differences Between A 1033 Exchange And 1031 Exchange According to IRC Section 1031, a 1031 Exchange is a transaction which allows a tax payer to exchange one property for another by deferring the tax consequence of a … Read More

A Guide to Construction 1031 Exchange

A Guide To Construction 1031 Exchange Forward 1031 Exchange transactions can be used to take advantage of the Construction 1031 Exchange strategy.  This combined 1031 Exchange method allows the investor to sell the relinquished property first and then identify and … Read More

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The income tax benefits for real estate investors

The Income Tax Benefits For Real Estate Investors There is a wide range of noteworthy income tax benefits that are apparently looked over by the real estate investors that could help them to defer or eliminate some or all of … Read More

Do 1031

What’s the ‘Holding Period’ in 1031 Exchanges?

What’s the ‘Holding Period’ in 1031 Exchanges? Almost every other 1031 exchange investor gets confused when it comes to how long should they hold a property for it to qualify as being ‘held for investment’? So, there is nothing strange … Read More

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Why you should say yes for 1031 exchange properties

Why You Should Say Yes For 1031 Exchange Properties ? 1031 Exchange enables your money to get the maximum profit for your 1031 exchange properties. However, the exchange process is extremely complex in nature and it would be wise to … Read More

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