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Get Better Returns With A DST Investment

Think of DSTs as TIC investments. What do you know about TICs? A TIC or Tenancy-In-Common arrangement lets multiple investors own, operate, and share investment properties. Most commercial complexes are owned under TIC ownership. Under a TIC arrangement, investors have … Read More


No Landlord Responsibilities With NNN Investment

Sometimes, maintaining an investment property may become long-term suffering. After all, it does not only require paying operating expenses but also tracking the bills and ensuring all of them are timely paid. We often hear investors complaining about the effort … Read More

Get Relief From Day-To-Day Management Responsibilities With DST & NNN Investments –

The majority of investors invest in DSTs as they don’t want to indulge in property management. As professional property managers back DST properties, investors don’t need to worry about maintaining their investment properties. However, a DST investment offers a lot … Read More

1031 DST properties

DST Properties – A Hassle Free Investment

DST Properties – A Hassle Free Investment A good investment not only fetches a limited share of profit, but it also offers stability. An aware investor should keep exploring different methods of investment and must possess the ability to sustain in … Read More

DST Property

Can someone invest in a DST along with a Physical Property in 1031 Exchange process

Can Someone Invest In A DST Along With A Physical Property In 1031 Exchange Process? Whether you are planning to conduct your first 1031 exchange or you are an adept exchanger looking to partner with the more experienced and sophisticated … Read More

DST investment

What is a DST? How to compare them?

What is a DST? How to compare them? Before we delve into the process of evaluating a DST, it’s important to understand DST investment inside out. You could be familiar with the perks of a DST investment. However, there are … Read More

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