DST investment

DST Replacement Options For 1031 Investors

A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) is a real estate trust formed solely for business purposes. DSTs are private governing trusts responsible for buying, managing, administering, and selling real estate properties. DST shares can be purchased as 1031 replacement properties. DSTs … Read More


Get Better Returns With A DST Investment

Think of DSTs as TIC investments. What do you know about TICs? A TIC or Tenancy-In-Common arrangement lets multiple investors own, operate, and share investment properties. Most commercial complexes are owned under TIC ownership. Under a TIC arrangement, investors have … Read More

TIC Investment And Property Identification In 1031 Exchanges

Under Tenancy-in-common or TIC arrangement, you are allowed to co-own an investment property with one or more investors. A TIC investment is a great tool for small or medium-sized investors looking to purchase large investment properties without investing huge capital. … Read More


Investments With Little-to-No Landlord Responsibilities

Most investors lose a significant part of their monthly income in paying operating expenses. When you invest in real estate, in most cases, you are burdened with landlord responsibilities. Keeping track of property bills, paying operating expenses like utilities, property … Read More

What Happens When You Mix A Dst Investment With 1031 Exchange?

If you remember correctly, a 1031 exchange is a swapping of investment properties where you are not liable to pay any capital gains taxes. Officially known as Section 1031 of IRC, this unique investment strategy is one of the best … Read More

Is Shared Ownership Better Than Individual Investment?

Real estate investment isn’t a one time adventure. Instead, it’s a life-long journey. Once you step into the shoes of an investor, you start thinking like one. You invest in one property, then in another, and then in another. The … Read More

DST 1031 Exchange

Understanding DST 1031 Exchanges, Part 2

Understanding DST 1031 Exchanges, Part 2 Investor Rights and Trustees Responsibilities in a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) When Investors choose a DST, they purchase pieces of beneficial interest and become beneficiaries of the DST’s operations. As beneficiaries, investors have few … Read More

DST Property

Can someone invest in a DST along with a Physical Property in 1031 Exchange process

Can Someone Invest In A DST Along With A Physical Property In 1031 Exchange Process? Whether you are planning to conduct your first 1031 exchange or you are an adept exchanger looking to partner with the more experienced and sophisticated … Read More

DST investment

What is a DST? How to compare them?

What is a DST? How to compare them? Before we delve into the process of evaluating a DST, it’s important to understand DST investment inside out. You could be familiar with the perks of a DST investment. However, there are … Read More

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