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In a TENANTS-IN-COMMON interest multiple owners come together to purchase a large, institutional-grade property, not as limited partners, but as individual owners. Each owner receives an individual deed at closing for his or her own undivided fractional interest in the entire property, and has all the same rights as a single owner. As a participant in a TENANTS-IN-COMMON interest you would own a piece of a large, professionally managed building, receive a pro rata share of all the revenue that building generates, benefit from additional tax shelters, very possibly enjoy increased cash flow, and preserve your capital by investing in property that continues to appreciate.

You may very likely enjoy increased monthly cash flow.

Your investment in a TENANTS-IN-COMMON interest provides you with a check every month. The cash flow that owners typically receive generally starts at 7-8% per annum. Because exchangers take on a new depreciation schedule, however, cash distributions are typically 50-100% tax sheltered, depending upon asset class and leverage. Factor in appreciation and principal reduction, and total annual projected returns generally range from 14%-18%.

You free yourself from day-to-day management responsibilities.

With no more property to manage, you have more leisure time to relax or pursue other interests. You can even relocate, and reside thousands of miles away from where your building is located.

You are able to invest in larger, safer, higher-quality institutional properties than were you to invest as an individual.

You end up with a larger, higher-quality building, and that better building tends to attract tenants with greater financial strength and stability.

You benefit from multiple tax advantages.

You not only can defer capital gains taxes until death, at which point they are forgiven, you also can gain additional tax advantages through a new depreciation schedule.

You gain non-recourse debt.

Accredited investors assume institutional grade, pre-arranged, non-recourse (no personal guarantee) financing with easy approval. You can invest in properties that have no debt, or in ones with up to 75% leverage.

You can start with as little as $100,000.

TENANTS-IN-COMMON has a much lower minimum investment than does sole ownership and therefore is more flexible. Variable investment sizes can start as low as $100,000 and can be structured to match an owner’s equity and debt requirements.

You have a first-class way to diversify your assets.

Large net proceeds may be split among several properties, and so invested in several different markets and asset classes.

You preserve your capital by investing in properties that continue to appreciate.

Profits can be locked in by selling out of highly appreciated markets and then re-investing 100% of the net proceeds from those sales into growth markets.

Bonus Benefit

You greatly simplify estate planning.

TENANTS-IN-COMMON can simplify wealth transfer and estate issues. After all, it’s much easier to divide a monthly check among heirs than it is to divide a building.

Family Dollar - Kansas

Location 1015 S 10th St, Great Bend, KS

Minimum Investment $50,000

  • Property Type: Retail
  • Amount Raised $1,066.000
  • Price Per Sq Ft $128.13
  • Rent Per Sq Ft $9.61
  • Current Cash Flow 7.00%
  • Lot Size 1.87 Acres
  • Building Sq. Ft. 8320
  • Lease Type NN

Dollar General - Illinois

Location 301 Ea State Rt 115, Herscher, IL

Minimum Investment: $35,000

  • Property Type: Retail
  • Amount Raised: NA
  • Price Per Sq Ft: NA
  • Rent Per Sq Ft: $10.31
  • Current Cash Flow: 5.75%
  • Lot Size: 1.14 Acres
  • Building Sq. Ft.: 9026
  • Lease Type Absolute NNN
dollar gene

Dollar General - Mississippi

Location: 1523 CR 101, New Albany, MS

Minimum Investment: $50,000

  • Property Type: Retail
  • Amount Raised: $1,578,500
  • Price Per Sq Ft: $173.46
  • Rent Per Sq Ft: $10.41
  • Current Cash Flow: 5.75%
  • Lot Size: 1.50 Acres
  • Building Sq. Ft.: 9100
  • Lease Type: Absolute NNN