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How Is A 1033 Exchange Different From A 1031 Exchange?

Real estate investors should have an alternative for every investment they initiate. Sometimes, these alternatives fetch more profit than primary investment plans. Where investors should pay attention to is the investment plan, which they’re considering an alternative to the primary one, is actually an alternative. It’s quite normal to get confused among two similar investment …

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Why You Need A Qualified Intermediary For A 1031 Exchange?

The importance of 1031 Qualified Intermediaries can’t be ignored when it comes to 1031 exchange investment. As per the rules framed by the IRS, a 1031 investor must involve a Qualified Intermediary (QI) in every exchange. In other words, a 1031 exchange is impossible without the participation of a Qualified Intermediary. If you’re planning a …

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Identification of Replacement Property

There are particular requirements for acquiring and identifying potential like-kind replacement properties in your 1031 exchange transaction. Replacement properties that you are considering to purchase in your 1031 exchange should be identified to your accommodator or Qualified Intermediary and must be identified not later than midnight of the 45th calendar day following the closing of …

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TIC And DST Investments Provide Shared Ownership Opportunities

Tenants in Common or TIC, real estate investments, refer to the legal agreement between people who hold a certain percentage share of real estate property. The percentage reserved by each tenant is mentioned explicitly in the Tenancy-in-Common Agreement and is generally proportionate to the size of each tenant’s contribution. The ownership in the case of …

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Don’t Let The Burden of Property Management Affect Your Investment

While owning an investment property is considered highly-profitable, managing the same property might turn into long-term suffering. Under normal circumstances, when you rent out your investment property to a tenant, you receive a flat rent on the property. Whereas, you need to take care of all operating expenses associated with the property. Expenses like utility …

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DST Replacement Options For 1031 Investors

A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) is a real estate trust formed solely for business purposes. DSTs are private governing trusts responsible for buying, managing, administering, and selling real estate properties. DST shares can be purchased as 1031 replacement properties. DSTs have large structures, and a single DST can possess a hundred or more investors. You …

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